Climb Mt Kilimanjaro with Natalie!
Machame 8-Day Route
September 17, 2018 - September 24, 2018


Possibly the most scenic route to the summit, Machame boasts several paths to its highest point and back. En route to Uhuru emerge onto high-alpine deserts with amazing views of ice fields and the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro! Known as the "Whiskey Route" because of the tougher challenge, this path leads you through magnificent forests before traversing a ridge leading through moorland to the Shira Plateau. It offers great scenery beneath the glaciated precipices of the Southern ice fields before summiting from the higher Barafu Camp. Camp along the route with support from local guides and porters. As a world leader in Kili treks, we'll take you to new heights in adventure!


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September 17, 2018 - Day 1Moshi

Arrive at any time. Arrival Day and Welcome Meeting.


The adventure begins tonight. Feel free to explore, but make sure you're back in time to meet the group. After introductions, your CEO will review the details of your tour. 


Stella Maris Lodge (or similar)

September 18, 2018 - Day 2Moshi/Machame camp

Hike the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro to Machame Camp.

Most of the day is spent in the gorgeous and fascinating, forested slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, most of which is considered to be rainforest zone.

Depending on the weather, the trail will be soggy and possibly muddy if it rains. 

Private Vehicle
Moshi – Machame Gate1h

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private ride.

Machame Gate to Machame Camp
Machame Gate – Machame camp5h-7h11km

Start at the Machame Gate where the group will register and begin hiking. The slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro are a rainforest zone, so trails can be wet and muddy. Keep a look-out for black and white colobus monkeys and exotic birds. On the first day of hiking the group covers a long distance with a gradual gradient. End the day at the Machame Campsite above the rainforest.

Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

September 19, 2018 - Day 3Machame camp/Shira 2 Camp

Hike through lower alpine moorland to Shira 2 camp and observe the spectacular views of Kibo Peak.

Machame Camp to Shira 2 Camp
Machame camp – Shira 2 Camp5h-6h5km

Start with a steep ascent towards the edge of the forest. Climb the steep ridge and stop for a break. Before reaching camp, continue hiking to Shira Cathedral and enjoy the view of the peaks.

Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

September 20, 2018 - Day 4Shira 2 Camp/Barranco Camp

Hike to Barranco Camp via Lava Tower. Enjoy the fantastic view of Western Breach and Breach Wall.

Shira 2 Camp to Lava Tower
Shira 2 Camp – Lava Tower3h-4h7km

Climb slowly through the rocky terrain to the Lava Tower (4600m, 15,092 ft) from the Shira 2 Camp. The route becomes increasingly challenging and steep. Some hikers might start to feel weak or short of breath from the altitude so go slowly— “pole pole” as they say in Swahili—to avoid exasperating the symptoms.

Lava Tower to Barranco Camp
Lava Tower – Barranco Camp1h30m-2h3km

Descend from the Lava Tower 650m (2133 ft) to the Great Barranco Valley. Hike about 2 hours to reach the valley, acclimate to the elevation and take in the view of the Western Breach and Breach Wall along the way. Reach the Barranco Camp and enjoy the beautiful landscape as a reward for the day’s difficult hike. The Breach Wall surrounds the Camp on three sides and the area has an amazing view of hanging glaciers and the Kibo massif.

Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

September 21, 2018 - Day 5Barranco Camp/Barafu Camp

View the Great Barranco Wall and climb up the eastern wall, passing below the Helm Glacier.

Barranco Camp to Barafu Camp
Barranco Camp – Barafu Camp8h-9h9km

Take a look at the view of the Great Barranco Wall from camp then get ready to climb up the eastern wall. The route is a steady incline that passes below the Helm Glacier and meets with the Mweka route on the way down. Get some rest at the Barafu camp, the site is a on a narrow, rocky, ridge with no barriers to block the wind. Get equipment like headlamps, hiking poles and thermal clothing ready to go for the very early morning start the next day.

Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

September 22, 2018 - Day 6Barafu Camp/Mweka Camp

Hike during the night to the Summit via Stella Point. Watch the sunrise before descending to Mweka Camp.

The route from Barafu Camp to the summit is mentally and physically, the longest, most challenging day of the entire trek. Despite the difficulty, the memory of conquering Mt Kilimanjaro will stay with you forever.

Barafu Camp to Stella Point
Barafu Camp – Stella Point6h4km

Wake up call today is at 11pm in order to reach Stella Point (5756m, 18,885 ft) in time for the spectacular view of the sunrise (depending on weather). Enjoy a snack and warm drink and get ready for the ascent in the dark up the northwest scree. Go slowly as the terrain is rocky and difficult, pass between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers before arriving at Stella Point.

Stella Point to Summit
Stella Point – Uhuru1h-1h30m1km

Start the 1 hour, gradual ascent to Uhuru peak (5895m, 19341 ft) along the snow-covered trail. Temperatures near the summit can range from -23° C (-9°f) in the morning to just below freezing overnight. Arrive at the summit at last! Take a deep breath and celebrate a successful climb.

Summit to Mweka Camp
Uhuru – Mweka Camp4h-6h12km

Begin the descent from the summit towards the Barafu camp, where the group will pack up and enjoy a quick rest. The route down will use the same rock and scree path as the ascent and will pass back through moorland and forest terrain. Reach Mweka hut in the late afternoon.

Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner

September 23, 2018 - Day 7Mweka Camp/Moshi

Continue descent through the forested, lower slopes to Moshi. Meet the mamas of the Moshi Women’s Cooperative, a G supported project, for a climbing ceremony.

Arrive to Moshi in the afternoon. Time to relax, take a shower, and celebrate with a drink. Cheers to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro! Before dinner, you will be welcomed and congratulated on your climb by the mamas of the Moshi Women’s Cooperative, a project supported by G Adventures. They will present you with a gift and a certificate to remember all your efforts on the mountain.

Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate
Mweka Camp – Mweka Gate4h-5h10km

Hike downhill to the Mweka Gate. Enjoy the lower altitude and the view of the forested slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro. The route can be muddy underfoot so take care. From the Mweka Gate you will continue down into the Mweka village for lunch, normally a muddy 1 hour hike. Upon arrival to Moshi in the afternoon, relax, or have that much-deserved shower and congratulatory beverage.

Private Vehicle
Mweka – Moshi30m

Stretch out and scan the scenery from the comfort of a private vehicle.

G Adventures-supported Moshi Women's Cooperative Visit

This project is supported by the Planeterra Foundation and G Adventures. Women and girls are often the first to be excluded from educational programs in Tanzania, with most girls being pulled out of school by Grade 3 to help out around the home. Our ground partners provide free adult business education for women in Moshi, and Planeterra and G Adventures have rented a cooperative space to allow these students to practice their academic skills and save income to start their own business. Feel free to peruse the shop and speak to the women who run the cooperative.


Stella Maris Lodge (or similar)

Meals included: Breakfast | Lunch

September 24, 2018 - Day 8Moshi

Depart at any time.

Departure Day

Not ready to leave? Your CEO can help with travel arrangements to extend your adventure.

Meals included: Breakfast


Guided group trek up Mt Kilimanjaro's Machame Route with local guides, cooks, porters
All permits and fees
G Adventures for Good: Moshi Women's Cooperative Visit, Moshi
All transport between destinations and to/from included activities
Simple hotels (2 nts), full-service alpine camping (5 nts)
7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners  Allow USD70-95 for meals not included.
Private minibus, trekking.
Certified mountain guide throughout, local representative, cook, porters. 


Entrance fees not listed
Domestic flights (unless indicated as an inclusion under Services) to be quoted separately 
International air (also applies to Trans-border flights)
Applicable Tourist Visas
Airport taxes
Tips or gratuities
Meals not mentioned above
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